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Hello, my friend!

Since you found this page, I believe you wish to know more about the writer of this blog, and the blog itself. I am very happy to see you here, and would like to welcome you from the bottom of my heart!

My name is Leena, and I’m a girl from somewhere in rural Finland.  I like to think I’m younger than my actual age suggests. I’m a mostly self-taught artist, jewellery smith, dreamer, chronically worried, a writer, and so many other things. Apparently, now I’m also a blogger. I look forward to getting a chance to share my thoughts with the entire world!

Although I should probably be a grown-up at this point in my life, and know what I want to do with this life, I’m still very much incomplete. To be honest, I may never be fully complete (and I don’t want to be).

What on Earth is Tiny Wings?

The name of this blog, Tiny Wings, describes the imaginary wings I like to think I have. My wings may not yet be strong enough to carry me, but I know that one day they will be. Making my wings stronger is a lifelong project, and I want to share it with my readers.

I don’t want to limit the content of my blog to a specific genre, but I guess Tiny Wings could be described as a lifestyle or art blog. Along the way, I will share some of my artwork and poems with you, but also talk about life, relationships, mental health, identity issues and everything in between, from my own personal perspective.

Sometimes life hurts, but there are also those moments, when the sun shines more brightly and the world is filled with colours. Life is about new experiences, searching and finding yourself, and about little things with great meanings. All these things, and a little something extra, are what I want to discuss in my blog.

Welcome to join me on this journey!